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How Does Bilingual Education Work?

The Canadian methodology seeks to create connections and a supportive environment for the development of children and teenagers. Maple Bear students take progressive ownership of the language, not only memorizing vocabulary and grammatical structures but also assimilating the subtle nuances and meanings of the language. Here, they become English speakers.

1 - English Immersion

Learn and think in two native languages. At Maple Bear our students learn in an immersive english environment, developing autonomy and confidence

2 - Canadian Educators

Experienced Canadian Educators train and periodically accompany the entire academic team of the schools, ensuring an education of excellence.

3 - Academic Program

We use observation, problem solving, and decision making as our methodology in all subjects. We also offer large, stimulating, and nurturing classrooms for our students.

Benefits Of Bilingual Education For Young Learners:

  • Improved cognitive development: Bilingual education enhance children’s problem-solving skills, memory, and overall cognitive abilities.
  • Enhanced linguistic skills: Bilingual education can improve children’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  • Better academic performance: Bilingual education can improve academic performance in children, particularly in areas such as literacy, math, and social studies.
  • Increased cultural awareness: Bilingual education can help children develop an appreciation for different cultures and ways of life.
  • Better social and emotional development: Bilingual children build stronger relationships with others, and become more confident, adaptable, and resilient.
  • They have the ability to live abroad and learn other foreign languages later in life;