Early Childhood

The Early Years program expands to emphasize subject streams: language arts, STEM subjects, creative and cultural expression, and personal and social awareness and physical skills and well-being.
Upon completion of the Maple Bear preschool program, students are well prepared for the primary school of choice and have a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

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How do young people learn?

At Maple Bear, children learn through exploration, experimentation, and conversation. The Canadian methodology is also play-based. This approach goes beyond exposing them to content, it allows for experiences and interactions to be part of the child’s routine. Playing helps develop the child’s emotional, intellectual, physical and social worlds.




Why choose Canadian Methodology?

Canada’s education system consistently ranks among the best in the world in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
Canada excels not only in studies in the English language, but is also a world leader in bilingual education, and an inclusive, multicultural country. All essential aspects for the education of the leaders of the future.