Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Maple Bear Global Schools. In case you require further information, kindly send an email to

Yes.Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd (Maple Bear) was incorporated in Canada in 2005 and maintains a headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Maple Bear has relationships with various embassies and consulates around the world, provincial governments, the University of Winnipeg, and Trent University. Additionally, Maple Bear is part of ongoing charitable efforts with groups including the Terry Fox Foundation. These relationships greatly benefit Maple Bear from both an educational and social responsibility perspective. We operate in conformity with local education regulations and strive to meet the expectations of all our parents no matter the culture or the country. Today the Maple Bear curriculum is recognized as a high-standard international education offering in 35 countries worldwide.

Canada’s education system consistently ranks among the best in the world in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Canada is also a world leader in bilingual education, and an inclusive, multicultural country. All essential aspects for the education of the leaders of the future.

Maple Bear provides continual professional training and support for our teachers. Throughout the academic year, trainers from the Maple Bear Faculty mentor teachers and introduce them to the latest pedagogies and instructional strategies . Dedicated training days are scheduled to ensure targeted professional development for teachers as well as non-academic staff. Additionally quarterly and annual Quality Assurance attests correct execution of the Maple Bear program, at each and every Maple Bear school worldwide, covering everything from classroom performance to safety and equipment.

At Maple Bear we are very proud of our educational program.
Other International schools do not always maintain the small classroom sizes that we commit to, and thus teachers don't always have the time to focus individually on each child or maintain a program of education that truly prioritizes the child uniquely.
Being a global franchise is also a huge advantage. It means that we take our quality and standards very seriously. All aspects of the school's design, safety, and operations are carefully determined and governed through a quality assurance system that is run monthly, quarterly, and annually. The classroom design, size, furniture height, books, toys and resources, all are specially considered and selected with advice and guidance from the Maple Bear academic experts.
Similar to the standards of the facility and everything in it, all our staff are required to meet standards for qualifications and performance and are given training at the start of their employment as well as throughout their career, provided by the Maple Bear academic leadership and by experts from the Maple Bear Global Schools faculty of trainers. These trainings are conducted on site at the school, as well as online, meaning there is a continuous professional development and talent improvement system, which is best in class for any education organization anywhere in the world.
And last but not least, our curriculum, which is based on the best practices of one of the world's top-ranked education systems, the Canadian system -- is the leading choice of parents in over 35 countries, and this is for good reason. Our curriculum is designed by the same experts who come and train our teachers at every Maple Bear school worldwide, and they have been educators in the Canadian public education system for many years. They continue to innovate on what the curriculum has to offer, and to keep the teachers at every Maple Bear school informed of what the evolution of the education system for the 21st-century learner requires.
At Maple Bear, we are confident that we have the best educational approach to develop the potential of each child and give them the right foundation to thrive.

All teachers at Maple Bear schools must meet the Maple Bear requirements along with being certified as per the local government regulations. For early years instruction, teachers are sought for their experience as well as their credentials. Teachers should ideally possess a B.Ed, preferably with specialization in early childhood education; Diploma or certificate in early childhood education; University degree with a TESL or equivalent certificate; and, proven experience in working with young children in an early childhood education setting.

Every Maple Bear School has a licensed professional nurse present on the premises at all times.

Kinderpedia is a complete school management and communication software that is used at Maple Bear schools.
The app facilitates real-time communication between the school and parents and provides a highly useful visual and data reference log for parents over the course of the school year.
Families will have access to information about classroom activities, progress, timetables, homework, library resources, messages, and event calendar at all times.
Teachers can share images with parents so they can have a glimpse into the classroom, and can send class announcements. The app also includes invoicing and administrative functions which further simplify the school and family relationship.

By wearing uniforms, our students develop a sense of belonging and reduce economic, social, or cultural differences between them. Uniforms stimulate the daily focus of children at the Maple Bear education center and allow creativity to come from educational choices, not consumerism.
Maple Bear uniforms are made of high-quality cotton materials and textiles safe for children and are there to facilitate the daily routines of both children and parents.